Pig pricing image 11.5.22.jpgDetails of our prices are provided below for those who want to submit a funding application to their local clinical commissioning group, or for private patients who want to self-fund or use their health insurance.  If you're unsure about how to fund your treatment, click here to contact us and we can help.

We work hard to provide an excellent and effective service at an affordable cost. We regularly review our prices to make sure we remain competitive.  As an NHS provider, any profit we make is reinvested back into the service so we can continually improve and invest in new and additional equipment. 

We provide a two-stage eligibility assessment completely free of charge. These questionnaires allow us to gather lots of information about your medical history and the issues or symptoms you're experiencing. This information helps us to flag up any reasons why transcranial magnetic stimulation might not be right for you, to ensure you're not paying for an initial face-to-face consultation unnecessarily.

Treatment costs 

Fixed costs

Conventional TMS (rTMS)

Thetaburst (iTBS)

Initial consultation assessment (face-to-face) £200 £200
Course of treatment 


20 sessions; 1 treatment per day over 20 days, Monday to Friday


10 sessions; 3 treatments per day over 10 days, Monday to Friday

End point assessment  £75 £75

Total fixed costs 



Additional sessions  Conventional TMS Thetaburst
Recommended number of additional sessions 10 5 sessions; 3 treatments per day over 5 days, Monday to Friday

Total additional costs




Total of fixed and additional sessions




  • rTMS: Patients are initially offered 20 rTMS session. This can increase up to 30 sessions, depending on the patient's clinical response
  • Thetaburst: Patients are initially offered 10 thetaburst sessions. This can increase to 15 sessions, depending on the patient's clinical response

Translation image.jpgTranslation costs

Unless you are an existing Pennine Care patient, unfortunately we aren't able to cover interpretation costs. 

However, we can arrange this for you and provide a quote based on the following costs:

  • Interpreting costs face-to-face spoken: £25 per hour
  • Interpreting costs face-to-face non-spoken: £75 per hour (minimum charge of two hours)